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Freycinet Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2021 Vintage



The recently acquired (January 2013) neighbouring property incorporating  4 Hectare of mature  Olive Grove planted to Corregiola and Barnea olive varieties, along with a Rapinelli olive processing plant, launched Freycinet Vineyard into the deep end of premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil production.  This project was embraced with gusto by winemaker Claudio Radenti given his Italian heritage! Olive oil was always a part of daily family life for Claudio with his mother Maria Pia (head chef at Launceston’s premier Italian restaurant for more than 25 years) bringing the family up on simply and lovingly prepared home cooked Italian food, largely sourced from the family garden.  Pleasures in life do not come any simpler than dipping good bread into premium extra virgin olive oil!  The smile on Claudio’s face, the joy in his heart, was there for all to see as the extra virgin olive oil flowed from the press!

The 2015 season produced a excellent crop of olives. Our cool climate suits the olives which slowly soak up the sun and nutrients from the soil on their way to optimum ripeness in around July/August.  This all happens a little quicker in a warmer climate and can result in a less fragrant, heavier oil.  Within minutes of harvest the olives are cold pressed through our own Rapinelli olive processing plant.  The technology is modern and is the culmination of centuries of refinement by Italian engineers.  The oil is bottled unfiltered so as to retain all its natural goodness.

Our 2017 Freycinet Extra Virgin Olive Oil is beautifully fragrant and elegant with sumptuous, rich olive flavour and with a touch of highly sought after pungency on the back palate.  It transforms any dish into an amazing one! Add some real flavour to your food!  We could not imagine any meal time without delicious extra virgin olive oil!